General Terms and Conditions of VDVS Advocatuur

1. Scope
1. VDVS Advocatuur/Minouche van the Ven (hereafter: VDVS) is a private company with limited liability according to Netherlands law.
2. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to the services provided by VDVS and to assignments which are furnished to it, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
3. These General Terms and Conditions are also applicable to additional instructions and follow-up instructions of the clients.
4. These General Terms and Conditions are also drawn up for the benefit for those who are engaged or who have been engaged to perform work for VDVS. The sections 7:404 and 7:407, paragraph 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code are not applicable.

2. Billing
1. Work is, in principle, charged monthly with a payment period of fifteen days as from the date of the invoice. In the case of lack of timely payment, statutory interest may be charged after thirty (30) days.
2. Fees may be adjusted annually, save for arrangements made to the contrary, commencing on 1 January.

3. Limitation of liability
1. If, in the unwished-for event in the performance of the work an incident should occur which leads to liability, this liability shall be limited to the amount which is covered by the professional liability insurance of VDVS, to be increased with the excess which VDVS bears in that connection.

4. Disputes
1. The law of the Netherlands is applicable to the legal relationship between VDVS and its clients.
2. Disputes may be put before the court which has jurisdiction in the matter.
3. VDVS applies a complaints procedure, which has been made public on its website. Clients may present disputes on the handling of their matter to the complaints officer of VDVS. The complaints officer shall endeavour to settle the dispute on the basis of his/her assessment in accordance with the complaints procedure,.
4. These terms and conditions are available both in the Dutch language and in the English language. In the case of a dispute on the purport of these terms and conditions, the Dutch language shall be binding.