‘VDVS is specialised in administrative law and related areas of law.’


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By Minouche van de Ven

VDVS writes several articles about the environment, spatial planning, wind turbines, nature, cables and general administrative law. They are only available in Dutch, sorry.

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Dealing with matters extending to the legal relationship between government authorities, on the one hand, and (legal) persons, on the other, including cooperation agreements between those parties. The practice coves matter particularly in the area of:

  • project development, both in (housing) construction and the utilities sector (water purification, energy, telecommunication and infrastructure;
  • granting permits to various companies/facilities, including (the chemical) industry, utility and cable companies, retail space developers and housing developers;
  • public-private cooperation between various market parties and government authorities;
  • advising companies, regularly in the area of natural law and environmental law (external safety, noise, discharges, nature conservation);
  • conducting proceedings, both in the administrative courts and in the civil courts.

VDVS upholds the principle that high-quality legal services require both depth and speed. The combination of providing advice and conducting legal proceedings, therefore, is indispensable.
The firm has a collaborative arrangement with others in the legal profession who practice in the same field, in order to safeguard quality and continuity. VDVS does not have a third parties funds foundation (stichting derdengeldenrekening). Thus, it cannot receive money from third parties.